FACT: Chemotherapy KILLS More People Than It “Cures”

Chemotherapy KILLS More People Than It “Cures”

Many people who “die from cancer” really die from the chemotherapy long before they would have actually died from the cancer itself.

Chemotherapy has always been developed from toxic poisonous chemicals, right? So, there has always been a fine line between administering a “therapeutic dose” and killing the cancer patient. Many doctors step over that line.

But don’t take it from me!

Here’s what Dr. Allen Levin says about this topic: “Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.” In his book, The Topic of Cancer: When the Killing Has to Stop, Dick Richards cites a number of autopsy studies which have shown that cancer patients actually died from conventional treatments before the tumor had a chance to kill them.

Just think about it…

To put it plainly, the treatment kills them before the cancer kills them. As a matter of fact, the chemotherapy drug 5FU is sometimes referred to by doctors as “5 feet under” because of its deadly side effects. For most adult cancers, the typical best case scenario is that the “Big 3” buys a little time. In a worst case scenario, you will die from the treatment rather than the disease.

In his book, When Healing Becomes a Crime, Kenny Ausubel notes that in a trial on a chemotherapy drug tested for leukemia, a whopping 42% of the patients died directly from the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug!

Here are the facts. In 1942, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center quietly began to treat breast cancer with these mustard gas derivatives. No one was cured. Chemotherapy trials were also conducted at Yale around 1943 where 160 patients were treated. Again, no one was cured.

According to Dr. John Diamond, M.D., “A study of over 10,000 patients shows clearly that chemo’s supposedly strong track record with Hodgkin’s disease (lymphoma) is actually a lie. Patients who underwent chemo were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and 6 times more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and soft tissues than those patients who did not undergo chemotherapy.”

Dr. Glenn Warner, who died in 2000, was one of the most highly qualified cancer specialists in the United States. He used alternative treatments on his cancer patients with great success. On the treatment of cancer in this country he said: We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.”

Dr. Alan C. Nixon, past president of the American Chemical Society writes, As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.”  And according to Dr. Charles Mathe, French cancer specialist, …if I contracted cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment centre. Only cancer victims who live far from such centres have a chance.”

Yet, day after day, year after year, the Cancer Industry continues to put these toxic chemicals into the bodies of cancer patients. And the patients let them do it, even volunteering for new “guinea pig” studies, simply because someone with a degree from a school of disease (also known as medical school) told them it was their “only option.” It costs lots of money for them to poison the body of cancer patients, and the patients gladly pay it. Sadly, some people will spend six figures a year poisoning their bodies because their “doctor told them to do it.”

The truth is that there are many effective natural cancer treatments that don’t require a barbaric procedure like chemotherapy.


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  1. Lynne says:

    My aunt had lung cancer at the age of 82 . She had surgery , but no chemo or radiation because they felt she was too old I guess . She lived to be 97 and died of old age .

  2. deb hutchinson says:

    My mother died of chemo in 1976 when I was 17, I have probably read as much as anyone on the subject. I would never do chemo and would fight with any family who chose that corse but my problem is with the many, many friends I have who choose this corse of treatment. There are more everyday and I have no idea how to be supportive of friends who I think are killing themselves. I can’t say that, I can’t even offer any alternatives as chemo is so embedded in this culture. So….how can I be supportive without encouraging something that makes my stomach turn?

    • Peg says:

      So sorry about your mother. Our mother died in 1981 from barbaric cancer treatment and today we have the heartbreaking task of taking our brother off of life support. He was diagnosed with colon cancer on February 4th, had one chemo treatment with everyone’s misgivings but that was the choice he made and three days later suffered a colon perforation with infection and no immune system to fight it. The statistic will say. Infection killed him, but it was the chemo.

  3. joy winter-schmidt says:

    I pray for world peace and all cancers to end. It may be an impossible dream, but we need to remain optimistic. There IS a cure, it just needs to be exposed. But as long as the chemo and radiation persists, our loved ones will die. I will continue to refuse it. My pray is that cancer’s ‘insulin’ will soon be exposed for all. We need to stop the cancer “industry.” My way is not giving to the cancer society and encouraging others to give their dollars directly to ANY family with cancer. The funds can go towards a well deserved therapy trip, pay medical bills and even parking tickets to and from the hospital! It’s amazing what kind words and a cheque can do for a family suffering from cancer. Please DO NOT DONATE to the Cancer Society!

  4. Ruth says:

    I’ll share my mum’s chemo treatment. She’s 72 and diagnosed with stage 2b colon cancer, removed the tumour but tested with a positive margin. Recommended to undergo 5fu for 6 months to mop up what’s remaining at the cut. I took her to a naturopath specialised in cancer patients, had all the tests and significant number of nutrition to support her body to undergo the chemo. She’s into her 3rd cycle of 6, she eats well, sleeps well, no mouth ulcers, no hand/foot syndrome, no diarrhea, still has energy to be independent at home, tiny amount of hair lose. Everyone who saw her couldn’t believe that she on chemo. I did ask the oncologist before she started her chemo if she could be tested for DPD deficiency but in new zealand this test is not offered privately. So she went into her chemo with high nutrition and self monitoring for any minor changes. So far she’s good. It’s only the beginning though but she’s happy that she feels fairly normal. He neutrophil level has dropped to 0.63 (must be above 1 before chemo can be given) and the oncologists has reduced her dosage and first time this week, she’s skipping one treatment of this low level. My suggestion is ask if you do a DPD blood test and get the body ready for increased toxicity level. Liver and kidney are the organs to get them working strongly. Maintain the immunity through improved gut health is essential. There’s still ways to overcome the effects of chemo. I also agree that it’s not the cancer that kills, it’s the chemo. That’s why I seek out the best naturopath I could find in Auckland. As there’s uncertainty with untested alternative treatment, we decided to took the chemo treatment but support the body to cope and avoid getting an infection. She’s happy with everything so far.

  5. wayne lawrence says:

    My mother died in 2011 while receiving her first course of chemotherapy.It was an horrific death and tore a family apart.The scars are still there today with a son and father who cannot discuss it even now.

    • Laura Heyward says:

      Chemotherapy killed my husband. He died on 27th October 2015 aged just 65 years. He had Myeloma but they got it right down then gave him a stem cell transplant preceded by a high dose of Melphalan. The stem cell transplant worked but the chemotherapy destroyed his lungs and they ended his life with Morphine. I am so angry and devastated that this should happen. We were never told of this risk.

      • Peg says:

        We feel that they ended my brothers life with morphine. They just kept giving him more and more till I feel he overdosed.

    • TheOneWhoIs says:

      TheOneWhoIs sends you love, light and peace of heart concerning your great lost. As the lent season begins in 2016, may it be a quiet and peaceful time of reflection and knowing that your loved one rest in the everlasting arms of Source and “All That Is”.

    • Peg says:

      So sorry about your mom. My brothers life ended yesterday after one chemo treatment. He got a horrible infection with no immune system to fight it. It was a horrible tragic death of a wonderful man.

  6. Ray says:

    I recently started my first chemo session!its affects were completely devastating to me as I lost twelve pounds in bodyweight in less than four days.This was a set back as I was told by my nutritionist that I must put weight on because I was already underweight!It felt like the chemo started a chain reaction within my body; my Asthma has returned for the first time in 18 months; it only took me twenty years to get of the medication.Every joint aches and feeling constantly nauseas.I recently spoke to my oncologist and I told her, it feels like the tumour has moved or got bigger! she asked me to show her! when I did she stared at me in silence! she did not disagree with my findings.I spoke to her about the chemo not been the way forward and she agreed with me saying, they were thinking the same thing.The thing is this chemo was started prior to a big operation Esophogetomy I’m not sure if I have pronounced this correctly but it is a massive operation. Where on earth do I stand now as I’m thinking to myself will the cancer spread like wildfire when they start cutting?
    I’m bewildered in doing what is best for me?

  7. Alexander says:

    Chemotherapy leads to septic shock then to death.

    Chemotherapy is also being given to persons who have benign tumors thus leading to death. This is the most dangerous side of the medical mafia.

  8. joy Winter-Schmidt says:

    I was first told I had cancer at age 26. I had surgery for a grapefruit sized cyst, to be removed. I chose NO chemo! At age 50 the cyst cam back in my uterous. I had a complete hysterectomy but NO chmeo. I am now 58 and recently had tow lymph nodes plus my adnoids removed due to cancer cells. Still – NO CHEMO. I plan on living until 80. There’s an excellent chance of it if I alwys refuse chemo and radiation. I have seen too many family memeber DIE of chemo and radiation. Some with only a few treatments! WE MUST STOP CHEMO & RADIATION NOW!!!! IT KILLS!!!

    • Rosemary Cerniello says:

      I commend you for your courage for refusing the poison Chemotherapy. Here you are alive at 58 despite your cancers. Chemotherapy is the mantra of Big Pharma and Oncologists who make a fortune of injecting this killing poison into your body. Any substance that is injected into your body and cause heart failure, kidney failure, brain damage, bone damage blindness and sloughing off of the intestines, is worse than any cancer, not to mention hair loss, vomiting, mouth sores and a ruined immune system should be thrown off the market. Of course there are kick backs all the way around. It’s the greed, lack of conscience that fuels this horrendous treatment for cancer. I hope and Pray that I will have your courage and determination to say no to this barbarous treatment if I get cancer. You gave me inspiration.

      • Bonnie DePrimio says:

        In 1989, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34.
        27 years later, 2 partial mastectomies, 14 lumpectomies, NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION, I am again having a lumpeciomy in 2 weeks. I have led a “normal life,” most people don’t even know I’ve battled with cancer, I’ve not even had any down time, worked full time, strenuius jobs, raised my family, and would NEVER even consider the “treatments” they have tried to force on me!!!

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Cannabis Oil. Do your own research. Pressure your govts and your doctors.

  10. Paula Kerr says:

    My husband started out with two cancers. because of treatment he got two more. Chemo and radiation did not make him better. the doctor wanted me to use a dealth patch, and I would’nt. Cancer should not be a dealth sentence for anyone. The healthcare profession has me very agervated at this point. I am so mad at all of these cancer centers! They kill patients, not help them. My husband is doing the holistic route, and he is doing better. We hate what the doctors have done to my husband, and i feel they have been nothing but in humane to the both of us.

  11. Paula Kerr says:

    My husband had two cancers, had high doses of chemo and radiation because the doctor told him he had to get worse instead of better, so, after the chemo and radiation, he had surgery to corect the problem. Then, after his new stomache and ausophugus, being a non smoker, he had three more chemos right after surgery and a bunch of radiation treatments. He still had Cancer, and they said it was stable. The Chemo and radiation made him worse. He has to sleep each day from being so exhausted, and still has cancer. Now he’s in stage four, and the doctor wanted to do three more chemos. We pulled him away from the doctor, and he is doing this the holistic way. With juicing,veges and fruit. God put the cancer cures right in our own garden if we just eat it. Now he is doing better, but he is still sweating the toxins out of his body from the Chemo. His doctors were killing him. His cancer doctor told me to put the dealth patch on him in so many words. Cancer should not be a dealth sentence. We need to stand up for our rights.

    • Ray says:

      Hi Paula,I can see by your posting date this is some time ago!
      Fist of all I dearly hope that your husband is still fighting?

      I noticed your sad story about your husband as it looks like your husband may have the same as myself! cancer of the oesophagus?
      Like wise the chemo has not helped me but made things worse, and I was wondering did the change of diet help.

      Sorry to bother you at this time.

      Kindest Regards ray

    • Rosemary Cerniello says:

      You are a brave woman.

  12. Elizabeth Giner says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know the effect of chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients. I’m very sad to hear about this, that instead of helping cancer patients the worst is they will die from the treatment rather than the disease.

    We’ll just hope and pray that our doctors and scientists with the help of alternative or herbal medicine they can discover good medicines for cancer.

    • Rosemary Cerniello says:

      I don’t think the cancer industry with get together with alternative, holistic treatment because they are afraid they might go out of business.

  13. It Doesn't Get Better Than This says:

    I have just asked to come off the breast screening programme, never mind refusing chemotherapy. I was asked to sign a ‘disclaimer’ and return it to the screening centre. Ah! now we know – it’s the compensation culture in action. It’s a lot to do with money right, all this screening and then barbaric cancer treatments.
    I personally wouldn’t go near chemotherapy if my life depended on it, not that I hate living; it’s just that I don’t want my quality of life to be ruined just for a few more years extra on this earth.
    For me, life is all about quality rather than quantity.
    Of course death from cancer can be painful too, that’s one thing that can’t be denied, so I may as well say it now.
    I may try surgery if I ever got cancer, but I would be reluctant to go near a doctor at all because I’ve heard of cases where women are bullied or put under pressure. So much for choice!

    • Rosemary Cerniello says:

      I’ve thought about this and quality of life. I’ve known too many friends and women with breast cancer and despite the conventional treatments of cut, poison and burn, they still died with the hope that the chemo would cure them. It’s such a common misconception. Women are duped. I refuse to let any cancer doctor or oncologist force me into chemo with false hopes. I already told my husband this because I don’t want to put him or my family into the poorhouse for debilitating that do not work.

  14. Stella Carter says:

    The only treatment I’d allow for is surgery. If i had an inoperable tumor, I’d just let myself die naturally. Of course, I’d test out some “home medicine” in the meanwhile, but expect to die so I’m not disappointed.

    Not to mention- cancer treatment is pricy! Too pricy for the fact that it doesn’t work very well. It’s not worth leaving my family hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt…

    The US medical “industry” is corrupt as hell. It shouldn’t even be able to be called an industry.

  15. Chemotherapy kills all the time, my wife was poisoned for about a month and she suffered a horrible death. I didn’t know Homeopathic medicine was the alternative to this poison. Don’ let your loved ones die with chemo , keep away, let them die or use a homeopathic medicine.

  16. Manjit Singh Summan says:

    I went through hell seeing my wife going through unexplainable weeks of unbearable pain, when they filled her with chemo poison for more than a month. We then I didn’t know there are HOMEOPETHIC medicines available which most people don’t know about. Just because no one let people know. Anyone who is recommended for Chemotherapy by your doctor please kindly see a homeopath first. There is no harm doing this. You should know I HAVE SEEN HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WITH LOW WHITE CELLS, TAKING HOMOPETIC MEDICINE LIVING OR STILL LIVING AFTER NINE YEARS WHICH DOCTORS WANTED TO KILL THEM WITH CHEMO. All the drug companies are just after profit they don’t care about us. Chemo is excuse to kill people as guinea pigs.

    • jay says:

      Are there any other treatments you would suggest. My wife had surgery 2 weeks ago and they want to start chemo in 1 week. I really want the best for my wife. What would you do feeling the way you do about chemo?

  17. Megan says:

    Another thing that is a little annoying is the mantra that big pharma and doctors do what they do for financial gain. It’s more likely that they do it to put you in your place…which is to say, at their mercy. These entities have so much money they don’t know what to do with it…except make more dangerous poisons and then create “research” to make us think that their newest poison will “cure/treat” an illness, so we unwittingly take it, waste time and resources and ultimately become either dead or “dead enough”.

    Come on, wake up, people. In a world where they give out college scholarships for being convicted of committing criminal acts, yet won’t give financial aid to someone who’s never had a traffic violation!! Are you so sure that all of the standard cliches apply? Such as the money “hungriness” of big pharma and doctors.

    Nope. They want you by the shorthairs…which is to say to take money from you. But they themselves don’t NEED it at all. You basically have to pretty damn affluent to get a medical degree as it is. Yes, there are exceptions. But you have to have a ton of money on hand already to actually be a part of big pharma.

  18. D says:

    its so very sad that the medical profession is allowed to murder innocent people everyday with chemo.
    even sadder that they don’t know there are other ways to actually cure cancer.
    my friends mom is DYING from the CHEMO not from the CANCER.

  19. Big Dan says:

    My wife had breast cancer/double mastectomy in 2002, did NOT take chemo, and is cancer-free all these years (11 years).

  20. Ann Cameron says:

    I cured Stge 4 colon cancer metastisized to the lungs in under four months; its growth was arrested in uner eight weeks–by drinking over a quart of fresh carrot juice daily. It takes five pounds of carrots to make five eight-ounces of juice. I’m writing an e-book about this. Meantime go to the website CancerIsOver.org for the details, and ton contact Ralph Cole, who told me about the carrot cure. Many others are now getting cured like me, without radiation or chemotherapy. There’s an article about my cure on naturalnews.com

  21. sandra says:

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  22. […] have noted that more people die from cancer treatments every year than the actual cancer these treatments are meant to “cure,” and that many […]

  23. yogesh says:

    My mother died recently on 5th april 2013 due to chemotherapy complications.she was diagnosed pT3N0Mx breast cancer after pathological report of removed tumor came (she underwent masectomy surgery of her right breast.her estrogen progesterone receptor were positive and HER-2 was negative.the oncologist planned TAC chemotherapy and enrolled my mom in clinical trial of pegfilgrastim drug.a complete blood count test was done every day and reports of daily CBC were in possession of the doctor and his health team.my mom developed severe complications such as high fever(above 39 degree celcius),dierria,difficulty in breathing,inability to walk on 7th day after first chemotherapy drug was administered.she was immidiatly admitted in the ICU of the hospital after i reported it to the hospital staff.she died on 8th day due to febrile neutropenia (reason for death given by doctor).i suspected some foul play and miscalculation on the part of oncologist doctor and hence demended all chemotherapy treatment documents and chronological step by step squential discription leading to her death.after going through the documents i am extremly shocked and agest to see that my mom’s absolute neutrophile count started declining on 5th day(it was 8400),6th day it was 600 and on 7th day ot was 275 which is an dengerious threshold point of severe neutropenia.yet the doctor who was in possession of CBC report did not act swiftly by putting her in constant observation and monitoring at his hospital.by the time she was admitted for neutropenia her immune system was completely damaged to an irreparable extent.her oxygen saturation level also dropped from 90 % to 60% in last five hours.i personally feel that mother would have survived if the doctor had been more alert and attentive.before cancer could kill her it was chemotherapy that killed her.this must be a rarest case when patient died within eight days of first chemotherapy drug administration.SAY NO TO CHEMOTHERAPY.IT COMPLETELY DAMAGES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.DOCTORS, ONCOLOGIST FOOL YOU BY PROMISING CURE FOR CANCER.

    • Steve says:

      “Patients who underwent chemo were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and 6 times more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and soft tissues than those patients who did not undergo chemotherapy.”

      That is the most blatent and ridiculous twisting of statistics that I have ever seen. Of course people who are treated with chemotherapy are more likely to develop Leukemia – they treat Leukemia with chemotherapy! The causation is that having Leukemia causes one to get treated with chemotherapy, not the other way around.

  24. Does Fast Shingles Cure Works says:

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    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any suggestions?

  25. Rick Simpson says:

    Look guys as most of you have been brainwashed to believe that Cannabis is bad, the bare truth of it is that the plant is the cure to 90% of cancers and many other serious and non-serious conditions on this planet. Forgot apricot and omegas, they wont help. Pure cannabis oil will cure most cancers quickly and efficiently, do your research and you will see just why our ancestors called the plant “The tree of life” Cannabinoids are present in our bodies from the day of our birth. The very same Cannabinoids are found in the marijuana plant. This plant was put on this earth for one reason only, it is linked to us for a reason. It is also the reason why the powers that be have tried to block this miracle in favor of making a profit by killing people with false drugs like those used in Chemotherapy…. Wake Up ….

  26. Natalie Fisher says:

    My mother has warts in her throat caused by the hpv virus. she has been told this is NOT cancer but may lead to it. Despite this her consult and wants to start her on a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time, he has also told her she must have her 4 back teeth removed a it would undermine the chemo!?

    I have put her on apricot kernals for vit b17 but she is undecided whether to go ahead with the madness they are suggesting. Please does anyone have information about alternative treatment centres in England?

    Any advice on alternative therapies that I can try to persuade her with would be very gratefully received.

    Any links can be sent to nataliejfisher@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you

  27. [...] he will survive is to give the oil a true, full shot at that 70% success rate.  Much higher than chemo’s success rate ever was or ever will [...]

  28. Francesca Giannotti says:

    My father was also killed recently by only one dose of chemio (Irinotekan 300mg). Doctors said they would practice chemio in a light form and every two weaks in a Roman hospital.
    I was totally against, but leaving far away and having everybody against, apart the criminal medical and pharma system but also my brother’s family, I could not avoid the poison to be inflicted on him.
    Even though my father had been diagnosed early stage stomac cancer and ascendent colon cancer with liver’s metastasis, he was still looking great and feeling relatively well when the first dose of chemio was injected (but I suspected that they made another one earlier for experiements) on NOvembre 26th. On NOv 28th he was sent home and there it was the starting of his end. Totally Dehydrated by diarrea, with a violent gastro enteritis and a candidose in his mouth (that from what I understand is the sister of cancer), his heart, lungs and kidney collapsed.

    He practcally died under my eyes of the cardiac consequences of the killing cocktail without that the doctor do anything to re-animate him, because when you are in oncological department, where he had been re-admitted on Dec 10th, your life is worth less then zero.

    My father was not ready to die and his eyes showed anger after he had practically been murdered by a negligent and inexperienced doctor in that awful hospital in Rome..
    On the day of his death (nobody expected that) he was very upset with doctors and nurses because he realized they were not acting humanly with him.

    My father was ready to undergo natural treatment through a cire I had devised for him based on cellular nutrition and high dose C vitamin by intravenous channels..
    But he didn’ survive to experience this..

    Unfortunately, my father, even though he was open towards natural and holistic practices, was, like millions of people in the world, kind of brain washed by the criminal medical, pharma and biotech system…

    It is essential to spread information and cultivate awareness of people so that he can manage to be healthy and if illness emerges, to use their discerning not ti use methods that will kill them before the illness.
    I dedicate this to the memory of my father and his heritage is that to contribute to help people to be healthy, to heal holistically, and eventually dying with dignity..

    Francesca Giannotti

    • Admin says:

      Dear Francesca,

      Thank you for posting your experience and please accept my condolences.

      Something very similar happened to my father, so I understand your frustration and/or anger. That’s one of the reasons I started this website, because I saw firsthand how the ‘medical establishment’ mistreated and misdiagnosed not only my father but many other people as well. People who had put all their faith (and lives) in the doctors hands!!!

      This has to stop!

      The more people are made aware of the facts behind the corrupt and evil ‘medical system’ – the sooner it can be fixed.

      If I were to ever contract cancer, then whatever the doctors may say… I would never accept chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. Period!

      Take care,


    • Megan says:

      I have relatives who had had their bodies mutilated for “medicine” and others who were strong as gorillas, and made to be like helpless children. I’ve decided that I will not die like a helpless child. And no matter what, I will always know that it is not my body nor my mind that is at fault.

      Also, this example you give of your father serves to show that Americans can stop thinking that things are far from perfect in Europe when it comes to social, personal, and political denigration of humans. Basically, I’ve seen that doctors are almost more like the enemy, even if they can smile and chat.

  29. matt says:

    I just lost my wife a 25 years she battled breast cancer for 12 years the last 2 and a half years was hell and come to find out the chemotherapy stop her heart on July 12th 2012 and they found know metathesis breast cancer in her at the time of her death so her oncologist pumping these toxic chemicals into her body for no reason so if you know anybody is going through chemotherapy you need to have them check their heart this stuff deadly

    • Admin says:

      Hi Matt,

      So sorry to hear about your wife. And thank you for the advice. Yes, this type of information needs to be shared all of the time and as much as possible, otherwise, many (too many) people will needlessly suffer and too often… worse! Condolences once again and thank you for commenting.

  30. Linn Garden says:

    Anyone stumbling onto this page will no doubt be wondering of alternatives to cancer I very recently came across a herbal drink called herbal omega 48


    cancer is a fungus and this wash eliminated the candida completely allowing the bodies immune system to eliminate the yeast that has progressed though the bodys cells Cleaning out the blood and adjusting the PH Using essential oils in nano amounts the drink is ingested into the bodies system and penetrates into the blood cells cleaning completly excess amounts of the candida The pre cursor to cancer.

  31. Karli Duran says:

    So what natural treatments does one suggest. I hear cannabis oil is becoming a positive hope if legalized.

    • Admin says:

      I suggest that you can start by clicking on the ‘Cancer’ menu tab at the top of this page and thereafter, search online for ‘natural cures’ regarding your particular choice of ailment. It involves deep research – which is what ‘we’ all need to keep doing.

  32. James Hunt says:

    I Would like to comment on the first post. I am all for this petition. But sadly optimism comes with a great price in this day and age. The men who brought Chemo to this nation are going to fight to their grave to keep it alive. We the younger generation will have to fight 1000 more times than what we are doing right now, to ever bring Chemo to an end.

    • Admin says:

      True! But tyrants only flourish when good men and women do nothing.

      • Megan says:

        That’s a well worn cliche…with all due respect…but what’s your plan? Because if your plan is to use the internet for the spread of information and then bring down big pharma, and the propaganda machine, then you should realize that even if successful, big pharma won’t EVER disappear. They won’t EVER stop creating new ways of spreading poison. So, come up with a good plan that will work 100%. And I’m not saying $#it or get off the pot. I’m saying, it’s admirable to have a motivation that’s good. But it’s even more admirable to have the motivation to gain the insight to create a mental environment that allows the understanding of the cause and effect necessary to create a plan that can actually produce results. If we were to all do such thinking, eventually we could come up with a situation that puts pressure somewhere. Not just going and making speeches, and writing blogs.

    • Megan says:

      They HAVE gone to their graves. And you are right, optimism carries a price…not just emotional, but financial as well.

      I’d suggest stop the optimism and just be tenacious. Tenacity can also carry a price, but it’s efficacy is well-documented.

  33. I have started a global petiton to have the first (of what I hope will be many) natural cures to be decriminalised. The petition is on http://www.change.org and can be found by just searching for cansema. There is a html code widget that can be added to this great website too if you so choose. People can also be directed to my youtube postings, the most recent CANCER. SHOCKING PHOTOS! SHOCKING FACTS!

    I am confident that our new generation can lead us out of legalised human experimentation and murder in the name of profits.

    • Admin says:

      Great comment and I thoroughly agree. Have signed your petition AND also just added a petition widget on the sidebar… with a slight modification ;-)

      Thank you for standing up to the authoritarian inhumane scum who think we’re all nothing more than lab-rats and cash-cows. Well done!!!

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